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doug at safeport.com doug at safeport.com
Sat Jan 4 19:31:07 UTC 2014

I have several questions so I apologize that this might ramble a bit.

  KMS: Is this is an Intel only thing, implemented in the video card? Is there a
       way to tell if an on-board card has this. I have two laptops and two (really
       cheap) desktop computers. The systems with KMS are not always the newest. As
       far as I can tell Intel develops for Windows and Linux. So is avoiding Intel
       graphics the thing to do?

       As an aside, hats off to the X developers, you have the most complex and
       thankless 'job' there is in FreeBSD land. Really switching to text mode from
       graphics is a complex issue (I know it is, or it would have been solved long
       ago). Perhaps someone at Intel is a Linux fan. Okay sorry for that but I feel
       better now :)

  Intel driver: I assume support has passed the ironlake card by. It does not work on
       Xorg 7.7 and the VESA driver while recognizing the card perfectly will only
       ante up 1026x768. I and followed all Intel suggestions and used cvt,
       gtf, and xrandr to no avail.

       The question here is: Is there a way to take the output of pciconf and relate
       it to a vendor card designation? The way I read the man page for the Intel
       driver, ironlake should be supported, but it is not.

The last more general question is: Is there a way to avoid Intel graphics and RealteK 
wireless since neither seems to be on the 'to be supported' queue.

I trust this was not too much to a rant, I did not intend it that way. The resolution 
and/or command name might be in error because I am writing this from memory as my 
laptop with the ironlake is not with me at the moment.

Thank you for any thoughts and/or help

Douglas Denault
doug at safeport.com
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