Need a hand for resolving package installation errors on NanoBSD

Dimitar Vassilev dimitar.vassilev at
Fri Jan 3 09:59:59 UTC 2014

Happy new year all,
I'm having issues with installing packages on a nanobsd image using the
cust_pkg function in the script itself.
Logs from the failed installations are located at ( most recent) (previous attempt)
Both fail with a similar error

+ echo 'FAILED: Nothing happened on this pass'
FAILED: Nothing happened on this pass
+ exit 2

As far as I understand this is related to the following function in  the script
 # Count & report how many we have to install
        todo=`ls ${NANO_WORLDDIR}/Pkg | wc -l`
        echo "=== TODO: $todo"
        ls ${NANO_WORLDDIR}/Pkg
        echo "==="
        while true
                # Record how many we have now
                have=`ls ${NANO_WORLDDIR}/var/db/pkg | wc -l`

                # Attempt to install more packages
                # ...but no more than 200 at a time due to pkg_add's internal
                # limitations.
                chroot ${NANO_WORLDDIR} sh -c \
                        'ls Pkg/*tbz | xargs -n 200 pkg_add -F' || true

                # See what that got us
                now=`ls ${NANO_WORLDDIR}/var/db/pkg | wc -l`
                echo "=== NOW $now"
                ls ${NANO_WORLDDIR}/var/db/pkg
                echo "==="

                if [ $now -eq $todo ] ; then
                        echo "DONE $now packages"
                elif [ $now -eq $have ] ; then
                        echo "FAILED: Nothing happened on this pass"
                        exit 2
        rm -rf ${NANO_WORLDDIR}/Pkg

However I have placed all the packages and their dependencies in the
same place and with
the same permissions 644. Running the whole process as root.

Any help with resolving this is appreciated. Please put my name in to
or CC in order

to catch your response quicker.

Best regards,

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