Running FreeBSD for my personal website: collocation, cloud, etc.

Lena at Lena at
Thu Jan 2 12:33:33 UTC 2014

> there are quite a few other smaller players. This FreeBSD 
> News article from June lists some

They mention, but that website is in Russian. The same
Russian company has also English-language website, you can choose
server in USA (NAC MMU datacenter near NYC) or Russia.
I use their cheapest VPS option (now $4.95/month) since 2008.
It's a jail under FreeBSD with limited resources
(RAM 64M, swap 128M, disk 5 GB, traffic 100 GB/month, one IPv4 IP-address).
Kernel RAM and preinstalled packages aren't counted in these limits.
If you use this link for ordering then both you and me get a discount:
In my VPS (jail) I installed (from ports) `mathopd` web-server and Exim
instead of default Apache and sendmail. My Exim config including
all the spam-filtering:


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