Gary Aitken freebsd at
Wed Jan 1 19:51:58 UTC 2014

In trying to update openoffice using "portmaster editors/openoffice-3", 
I get a complaint about openjdk6 marked as forbidden because it triggers
a nasty bug.  I've got both openjdk6 and openjdk7 installed, but can't build
either as they are both marked forbidden.  

Anyone know what's going on, and what the prognosis for correction is?

Also, the Makefile indicates
  JAVA_VENDOR= openjdk

Why does it choose to use openjdk6 when openjdk7 is also installed?
I tried
   export JAVA_VERSION=1.7 ; portmaster editors/openoffice-3
and it still tries to use openjdk6.

Is there a different jdk which will work?



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