Epiphany with Java?

Michael Powell nightrecon at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 27 16:50:17 UTC 2014

Volker Nebel wrote:

> Hi everybody!
> On my macmini there is FreeBSD 10 running, and I want to use Epiphany as
> my web browser. With Java. First I tried installing port java/icedtea-web,
> until I noticed, this downloads firefox, and this is not the browser I
> want to use. So I installed java/openjdk7.
>     Is this sufficient? How do I find out whether java is working with
> epiphany? There is a test page: http://java.com/en/download/installed.jsp
> and this tells me: "We are unable to verify if Java is currently installed
> and enabled in your browser."
>     In my browser settings I do have allowed Popup windows, activated
> Plugins and JavaScript. I do not have a firewall. So there is nothing that
> should prevent Java from working. But perhaps I need some other package or
> what???

Don't know if this will work as I don't know anything about Epiphany per se. 
The generic thing I've seen mostly in the past wrt to this is to look for 
wherever epiphany stores its user info somewhere in your home directory. 
Particularly a place where it might store plugins. A lot of times this is 
actually a directory named Plugins. Then hunt down the .so file which is the 
browser plugin. I believe with a JDK you get the compiler/dev tools together 
with the JRE, if the browser plugin is present it usually lives somewhere a 
few levels down under the JRE branch of things.

If you find both, cd to the Epiphany plugins directory and do something 

ln -s /path/to/java/JRE/blah/blah/browser-plugin.so browser-plugin.so

where you replace browser-plugin.so with the correct filename. Then when you 
start Epiphany it should scan the plugins directory and then have the JRE 
browser plugin available. Very generic. If Epiphany doesn't store plugins 
this way (eg in a users home directory) you may have to actually hunt down 
where it stores it's main functionalities under some lib directory somewhere 
and put the symlink there instead. 


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