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Daniel Feenberg feenberg at
Thu Feb 27 12:21:41 UTC 2014

On Thu, 27 Feb 2014, Arthur Chance wrote:

> On 27/02/2014 04:11, Jim Pazarena wrote:
>>  Is there a way to have syslog email a notice upon ANY log in to a
>>  server, by any user ID?
>>  I'm not worried about failed attempts, but I'd like a prompt notice if
>>  someone does successfully log in.

3 possibilities In order of increasing difficulty:

You could put a "logger" command in /etc/csh.login and/or /etc/profile.

The "login" command also seems to call at least one other command for 
each successful login "mail -t". I suppose you could replace "mail" with a 
command that detected the "-t" and both checked for mail and invoked the 
"logger" command to send a login info message to syslogd.

PAM could also be configured to log logins.

Daniel Feenberg

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