oops - ran 2nd "freebsd-update install" before rebuilding ports

Dale Scott dalescott at shaw.ca
Mon Feb 24 15:18:50 UTC 2014

After going through one upgrade to 10.0-RELEASE from 9.x, I got cocky and
started working on two upgrades from 8.3 to 9.0-RELEASE at the same time. I
forgot which system I was ssh'd into and ran "freebsd-update install" for
the 2nd time on one system before rebuilding all the ports, and even pkg
won't run now as the libutil version it's linked to no longer exists.

I can afford to have the system down for a day or two, and I'm willing to be
diverted a little for a learning opportunity, so should I a) try to recover
the system from its current state, b) recover the entire system from backup
and start over, or c) build a new 10.0-RELEASE system from scratch and
recover the data from backup?


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