How To Install Port Marked IGNORE -- SOLVED

Drew Tomlinson drew at
Mon Feb 24 02:26:43 UTC 2014

On 2/23/2014 5:03 PM, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 23 Feb 2014 16:43:03 -0800, Drew Tomlinson wrote:
>> I'm trying to install net/ntp but get this message:
>> ** Port marked as IGNORE: net/ntp:
>>           is forbidden: CVE-2013-5211 / VU
>> OK, I know about the monlist issue and will address that in my conf
>> file.  Thus I'd like to build and install anyway.  How do I override
>> this?
>> Google posts suggest removing the "IGNORE" from the Makefile.
> A very bad suggestion. You should not mess with port Makefiles,
> especially not for that kind of purpose, to fix a problem by
> creating another problem. :-)
>> However I do not see it in either net/ntp/Makefile or
>> net/ntp/  Where is is?  Or should I do something else?
> It will be set automatically if certain criteria are met.
> You'll find the mechanism and some hints why and where it is
> being used in /usr/ports/Mk/ Let me quote regarding
> the IGNORE mark:
> 	Package build should be skipped entirely (e.g.
> 	because of serious unfixable problems in the build,
> 	because it cannot be manually fetched, etc).
> The reason will be stored in $IGNORE so you can refer to it.
> This shows: Ports marked as IGNORE probably won't build at all.
> If you still want to (try to) build the port, see what "man 7 ports"
> has to offer (except it's refering to FORBIDDEN, not IGNORE):
>       NO_IGNORE     If defined, allow installation of ports marked as
>                     <FORBIDDEN>.  The default behavior of the Ports framework
>                     is to abort when the installation of a forbidden port is
>                     attempted.  Of course, these ports may not work as
>                     expected, but if you really know what you are doing and are
>                     sure about installing a forbidden port, then NO_IGNORE lets
>                     you do it.
> This is what you could try:
> 	# make -D NO_IGNORE install
> But keep in mind that IGNORE isn't there for no particular reason. :-)
Thank you for the nice explanation.  Your suggestion worked.

I believe it is marked IGNORE only because of the security 
vulnerability.  Because this is used on my private LAN and not available 
to the public, I do not believe I am at any risk.  However I have 
followed the configuration recommendations in the alert just to be sure.

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