FreeBSD 10 iSCSI Performance/Best Practices

dweimer dweimer at
Sun Feb 23 19:25:28 UTC 2014

I have been searching but I haven't been able to find very much 
information on FreeBSD 10s new iSCSI setup in the way of performance 
tuning.  I have an iSCSI target defined and am connecting to it with my 
Windows 8.1 workstation.  But performance is horrible, 5-10M per second. 
  I can actually write to a Samba share on the same server from the 
workstation at 30-50M per second, so something is definitely not working 
optimally on the iSCSI side.  This is all running on commodity hardware, 
so I don't expect lightening fast results, but I would expect to see it 
faster than the Samba share by about the same magnitude that it is 
running slower.

the settings are very basic.

auth-group Workstation {
   chap ??????

portal-group WorkstationISCSI {
   discovery-auth-group Workstation
   listen [::]

target {
   auth-group Workstation
   portal-group WorkstationISCSI
   lun 0 {
     path /dev/zvol/iscsi/WorkstationDriveD.0

the server is a VMware ESXi5.5 guest, the samba share and the iscsi zvol 
are on different virtual disk volumes but both are on the the same 
physical disks, on the ESX system.

I looked at systat -vmstat, and everything looks just about idle on the 

the network is all 1G, with jumbo frames enabled.

I am assuming that I need to tune a settings somewhere to get this 
running at an acceptable speed, but I am unsure where to start.

    Dean E. Weimer

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