Converting a system from build from source to freebsd-update

Bryce Edwards bryce at
Wed Feb 19 21:12:55 UTC 2014

I'd like to "convert" a system to use freebsd-update going forward.
Since I have always used & know how to deal with source based
upgrades, I took the opportunity to do the following housecleaning

- Upgraded source to 10.0-RELEASE and not -stable so that I was
aligned with a binary update compatible version
- Cleared out /etc/make.conf and /etc/src.conf before building 10-RELEASE
- Did a 'make delete' and 'make delete-old-libs' to clean out
deprecated files (after the upgrade)
- I'm using the GENERIC kernel

I know it isn't designed for this use case, but is there a way to
force a freebsd-update "upgrade" on a known-good system, so that I can
use it going forward?  I would expect it to replace all the distro
files and merge any needed config files with the base versions
provided with 10.0.  As a result, I would then be able to use the
great freebsd-update process going forward.

Before the "that isn't supported" responses, I'm hoping we can work
towards a specific set of requirements/rules for users to follow which
can take us down the "happy path".  This is geared towards folks
wanting to make this transition on _established_ systems and they are
willing and able to follow these rules.  Otherwise, we are saying too
bad so sad, you can only use our great new freebsd-update tool if you
did if from day 1 and never used the source upgrade process that was
promoted for a very long time.  That seems highly limiting to the take
rate of systems we'd like to see using the binary update system.

Thanks in advance,


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