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Wed Feb 19 18:39:38 UTC 2014

Re: JBOD...

I think it's very telling that when Google gives you
the description of JBOD, it actually comes from the
Wikipedia, but ... it doesn't include the [misleading]
statement about the [optional] act of joining the

Google's Definition:
Just a Bunch Of Disks. A collection of hard disks that
aren't configured according to RAID; A hard disk
enclosure for several disks, especially one lacking a
RAID controller
Source: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/JBOD

Definition from 
JBOD (abbreviated from "just a bunch of disks") is an
architecture using multiple hard drives, but not in a
RAID configuration, thus providing neither redundancy
nor performance improvements. Hard drives *may be*
handled independently as separate logical volumes, or
they *may be* combined into a single logical volume
using a volume manager like LVM; such [optionally
combined] volumes are usually called "spanned".[2]

I added the *'s around "may be" and also added the
"[optionally combined]" texts to help clarify that for
you. And I would go on to further say that the LVM
volume manager used to combine the JBOD-access
devices is not part of nor has any relation to said
JBOD access. JBOD is a means of exporting the disks
to the volume manager whose use is optional.

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