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> How does one set up per-query logs on MySQL in FreeBSD? Google results are very vague and seem to vary per OS.

Average Google results will not be as relevant as the MySQL documentation itself, which is quite okay. But admittedly, it is a bit hidden on the MySQL web site, so I get always faster to it by searching. Using the search terms

    mysql 5.1 query log

should lead you straight to the relevant page; for me this works not only with my probably strongly MySQL-primed Google search bubble, but also with, for instance, DuckDuckGo.

In my experience, including the relevant version number is helpful to reach the official MySQL documentation instead of all those blog pages of dubious know-it-alls. Anyway, the relevant page is

For other versions, replace 5.1 in that URL with the actual version you have in use. Be sure to check the page exactly for the version you are using; there have been a number of changes even in version increments in the third number.

(MySQL is prone to such changes. One of these in a recent 5.1 update with Debian stable recently broke one customer's configuration, when a deprecated configuration keyword was finally invalidated -- in a minor minor version update, I'd like to stress. Furrfu.)

Well, indeed it is worth checking the documentation carefully in *any* case, and Read The Whole Page.

Regards, Juergen.
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