Problems with FreeBSD 10.0 and pecl-APC

Frank Leonhardt frank2 at
Thu Feb 13 13:00:25 UTC 2014

There's clearly a problem with pecl-APC and PHP 5.5:

taging for mediawiki120-1.20.8
===>   mediawiki120-1.20.8 depends on file: 
/usr/local/lib/php/20121212/ - not found
===>    Verifying install for /usr/local/lib/php/20121212/ in 
===>  pecl-APC-3.1.14_1 cannot be installed: doesn't work with 
lang/php55 port (doesn't support PHP 5.5).

I've looked at the code, but I'm not a script language programmer and 
this whole script language thing is way too complicated for me to figure 
out (give me C and an assembler any day). The pecl module won't compile 
because it reckons there are union members being referenced which don't 
exist in the union. It's clearly not going to play so I'm looking for a 
work-around. I have no interest in one version of PHP over another, as 
long as it works.

If anyone can explain the full story I'd appreciate it. Should I be 
using the php5 port (which is 5.4) because 5.5 is wonky? Or what?

Incidentally, if you "make test" on any version of PHP I've tried in 
10.0 results in a failed test concerning things like "disk_free_space". 
I can't figure what df -h means on zfs either, so I'll forgive it that!

Thanks, Frank.

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