Restart network without reboot ?

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Mon Feb 10 21:47:33 UTC 2014

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> > sh -c 'echo "$((($(date +%M)+2)%60)) $(date +%H) * * * root sh
> > /tmp/" >> /etc/crontab'
> Sounds to me a little too dangerous: what if you forget to remove the
> from crontab?
> Why not using at and/or a sleep+nohup to launch the job after a few
> seconds?
[Devin Teske] 

Just going out on a limb here (for fun); what if the box was in Siberia? It
would try to renegotiate in 24 hours if it didn't come back to the point
you could remove the line. Heh ;D

Nah, I just use cron because I've had bad luck in the past with attempts to
renegotiate the network from a process that itself is spawned via a network
process. That includes running things with nohup -- they still seem to die.

Cron has always done me right though (but I've never tried using "at").

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