where to find FreeBSD torrent file

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Mon Feb 10 18:04:48 UTC 2014

On Sun, 9 Feb 2014 23:10:05 -0500
kpneal at pobox.com wrote:

> On Sun, Feb 09, 2014 at 07:44:55PM -0800, John-Mark Gurney wrote:

> > Why don't we set up trackerless torrents?  I've been meaning to do
> > that, but the last time I tried to seed a trackerless torrent, the
> > other person never was able to d/l it, and I haven't tried again..
> The existing torrents already function as trackerless in the absence
> of the tracker.

That's just basic BitTorrent.

> BitTorrent clients have both PEX and DHT to exchange notes on who has
> what. But two different clients still need to have some central point
> of contact. 

The point of DHT is to let peers find each other without a tracker.
Once your client connects to a peer that supports PEX, it can find the
rest quickly. 

When Bittorrent has come up before there hasn't been much enthusiasm
for it, it has problems with firewalls and traffic shaping and
apparently there  isn't much of a problem with server bandwidth anyway.
Most of us only download full ISOs rarely.

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