Restart network without reboot ?

Juergen Nickelsen ni at
Mon Feb 10 16:46:34 UTC 2014

On 10.02.2014 17:30, dteske at wrote:
> $ cat << EOF > /tmp/
> #!/bin/sh
> service netif restart
> dhclient em0
> dhclient em1
> Then add a line to your /etc/crontab that will fire in the next 1-2
> minutes...
> sh -c 'echo "$((($(date +%M)+2)%60)) $(date +%H) * * * root sh
> /tmp/" >> /etc/crontab'
> NB: That's a single command to be entered on a single line
> Then just wait a minute or two, you'll get kicked out, start a ping, and
> when
> it starts responding on the new IP address (hopefully you know what this is)
> you can log in on the new address.
> Of course, the next thing you should do is to edit /etc/crontab to remove
> the
> entry else the same time tomorrow it will reset your network.
> Lastly, remove the /tmp/ script.

Is there any special reason you don't just

    $ echo 'service netif restart; dhclient em0; dhclient em1' | at now

, which looks so much easier to me?

Of course, at(1) drags your whole environment into the job, which may be
not what you want. I wouldn't see much harm in this case, though.

Regards, Juergen.

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