Unable to mount SDHC memory card.

Luis Suzuki luissuzuki at live.com
Sat Feb 8 15:40:24 UTC 2014

I WAS ABLE to mount on my laptop's internal SD drive a SDHC card,I remember that I read somewhere that it is related to an i slice or i partition and I did it,but now, I have tried /dev/mmcsd0pi,/dev/mmcsd0si,/dev/mmcsd0i,/dev/sd0i etc. and nothing works.With dmesg output it seems mmcsd0 is the name the system recognizes the card(I don't remember anymore if I used that).So,I need to know the exact name for the mount command.I already did the trick but I forgot it.Does anybody usually mount SDHC cards on FreeBSD? And how does it work? Thanks.

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