Question about mounting SMB File Systems in fstab

dweimer dweimer at
Thu Feb 6 16:33:24 UTC 2014

I have setup some smb file system mounts in fstab, I use them to allow a 
web file management portal access to my documents on my windows home 
server.  They are not critical to the server functioning.  However I do 
want them to auto mount at boot if the windows server is up as it 
usually is, yet not fail to boot if its down.

Here is one of the lines from fstab:

//dweimer at homeserver/Pictures   /smbfs/homeserver/Pictures      smbfs   
rw,late,-N      0       0

I have the password of course saved in /etc/nsmb.conf, it mounts fine 
manually, and correctly mounts at reboot.  However when I rebooted the 
FreeBSD server with its Network disconnected as a test.  It failed and 
dropped to single user mode, is there an option I can set on the fstab 
line that allows it to continue in this case, besides noauto which 
prevents it from mounting at boot?

    Dean E. Weimer

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