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Jim Ohlstein jim at
Thu Feb 6 15:28:29 UTC 2014


On 2/6/14, 9:34 AM, Tyler Saylor wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm running FreeBSD 10-RELEASE on i386. I have setup a few jails for
> services such as httpd and postfix using ezjail. The host has one physical
> ethernet interface and I have five routeable IPv4 addresses; of the five,
> four are assigned to a jail and one is assigned to the host. I have a jail
> for mysql that is setup to use a clone of lo and the address "".
> I'm also using pf to filter traffic to each service on the host.
> My question is this: How do I make it so that the other jails that are
> bound to routable addresses able to interact with the jail on Is
> there some magic pf voodo I'm not understanding, or some mental deficiency
> I'm just now being made aware of? I've included my pf.conf and included an
> illustration.
> THanks for any help,
> //Tyler Saylor
> For illistration:
> Each pipe represents a real, routable ipv4 address assigned to the
> respective jail. The star represents the private address of the jail I'd
> like to be accesible from the others.
> em0--|--|--|--|--|  lo1--*
>         h w i  m s       m
>         o w r  a v        y
>         s w c i  n        s
>         t        l           q
>                              l
> pf.conf

Assuming all of your jails are on the same loopback clone, and assuming 
you have not set "skip-networking" in you rmy.cnf, they should be able 
to talk to one another using the IP of the jail in question.

Have you tried telnet?

# telnet 3306

That should give a result like:

Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.

In your app, you'll probably need to set the "database host" or similar 
to the jail IP ( in this case) rather than to "localhost".

Jim Ohlstein

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difference." - Mark Twain

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