Flexfax / Hylafax 1993-1994 - authored by Sam Leffler, etc

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Wed Feb 5 03:20:52 UTC 2014

Hi J. Curtis Edmondson
cc: freebsd-questions at freebsd.org & others,

"jcedmondson at edmolaw.com" wrote:

> Tim and Matt,
> Thanks for the links.  I am in the process of downloading and reviewing.  You
> guys have been a great help.

I Julian H. Stacey ( jhs at freebsd.org --> jhs at berklix.com )
created /usr/ports/comms/hylafax/ for FreeBSD 1995, & was first maintainer. 
(Maintainer now is dinoex at FreeBSD.org cc'd FYI)
Author of generic operating system neutral hylafax source: Sam Leffler
(I bcc'd SJL as I dont know if his old addresses may bounce.)

>From J. Curtis Edmondson earlier:
> I am working on a patent litigation case where it appears the flexfax/hylafax
> source from the 93-95 time frame may serve a prior art.

I assume you want FreeBSD's copy of hylafax to serve as prior art
to defeat some software patent claim, so I have researched what
was published & in use when, so I can attest to if you want:

> Would you
> happen to have a copy of that source available and/or know someone who does?

Yes - but MD5 verification of distfile fails.
May or not be significant, I'm working on it, see below:

FreeBSD SVN repository:
  Added Sun May 21 22:37:50 1995 UTC (18 years, 8 months ago) by jhs
  A new import based on Sam Leffler's Hylafax V3.0pl0.   Flexfax is now obsolete.

Prior to your enquiry I already had the following generic OS independent source 

FreeBSD 4.11 release was released January, 2005, long after your 93-95 interest.
For dates:	http://www.freebsd.org/releases/

FreeBSD 4.10 release (May, 2004) has ports/comms/hylafax/
  (found with svn export file:///usr/svn/ports/tags/RELEASE_4_10_0 )
  # Date created:         16 May 1995
  # Whom:                 Julian Stacey <jhs at freebsd.org>
  # MAINTAINER=     tdv94ped at cs.umu.se

The archives of generic os-neutral hylafax is at
  I just dowloaded all in that directory except
    BETA -> testing, CVS, CVS.deprecated

If we match MD5s in dated releases ports/comms/hylafax/distinfo
file to distfiles from eg ftp://ftp.hylafax.org/source/ we can be
sure what was used when by FreeBSD. (However do remember Sam Leffler
will at times have published newer code than I was working on for
the FreeBSD port).

Earliest source version I see on hylafax site: 

>From further above I see I started with 3.0pl0 so distfile name was

I searched & fetched from ftp://ftp.carnet.hr/misc/fax/hylafax-v3.0pl0-tar.gz
-rw-r--r--  1 jhs  staff  1064756 Apr 25  1996 hylafax-v3.0pl0-tar.gz
MD5 (hylafax-v3.0pl0-tar.gz) = aaa2ccf961e1a1fd5d8994f24520a2ab
(See below, not expected MD5)

Taking your 93-95 interest, & http://www.freebsd.org/releases/
    2.2.1 (April, 1997) Release Notes
    2.2 (March, 1997) Announcement : Release Notes
    2.1.7 (February, 1997) Announcement : Release Notes
    2.1.6 (December, 1996) Announcement : Release Notes
    2.1.5 (July, 1996) Announcement : Release Notes
    2.1 (November, 1995) Announcement : Release Notes
    2.0.5 (June, 1995) Announcement : Release Notes
    2.0 (November, 1994) Announcement : Release Notes (July, 1994)
    1.1.5 Release Notes
    1.1 (May, 1994) Release Notes
    1.0 (November, 1993)

To get distinfo files for MD5s to validate distfiles I did:
  	No tags for RELEASE_1
  	just Mk/
    Fri Oct 27 22:05:16 1995 UTC (18 years, 3 months ago) by pst
    File size: 132 byte(s)
    Update to 3.0pl1
    Approved by:	asami and jhs
    1 	MD5 (hylafax-v3.0pl0-tar.gz) = 014ec8a64ea7493d26c50c61b5ef3111
    2 	MD5 (hylafax-v3.0pl0-patch01.gz) = ed7b8aa6a6ae5d2843624f86478a0f8c
  I am running an extract with 
  	svn export   file:///usr/svn/ports 
  to find if earlier tags exist - but output will be Big, results
  not available till tomorrow at earliest. (If someone on
  <questione at FreeBSD.org> may know more about tag to use, please say.
  I built a CVS tree (from my cvs-cur.19300xEmpty.gz)
  & saw in /usr/cvs/ports/Makefile,v 
  & ran
	cvs -R export -r RELEASE_2_2_1 ports
  which produced ports/comms/hylafax/distinfo
	MD5 (hylafax-v3.0pl0-tar.gz) = 014ec8a64ea7493d26c50c61b5ef3111
	MD5 (hylafax-v3.0pl0-patch01.gz) = ed7b8aa6a6ae5d2843624f86478a0f8c

  Note this MD5 is Not the same as comes from

  I am still running:
	cvs -R export -r ports_2_0 ports
	cvs -R export -r ports ports

  I am half through fetching:
	which will have distinfo files, possibly even a distfile/

Possibly our send-pr patch/ bug log might comment on MD5 change, but
  but it doesn't go back before 1999, well after my first work & your
  interest in 1993-1995.

Mail Lists:
  I might have mentioned a change of MD5 in mail lists, but if so
  havent looked:

  I created a hylafax mail list @freebsd.org I recall, but can't
  find trace of list on freebsd.org site, I recall it expired as
  low traffic.  It no longer exists now,
  it's maybe in archive on freebsd.org site somewhere.
  Our freebsd.org archive of our oldest mail list hackers@ only
  to go back to March 2003 (using the Mailman interface)
  ports@ (where I probably posted to prior to commit) ditto March 2003
  However our other browse interface (when presumably we were using
  majordomo & not mailman) goes back earlier:
   I wrote
    Date:      Sun, 14 May 1995 22:30:45 +0200
    To:        asami at CS.Berkeley.EDU
    Cc:        ports at FreeBSD.org
    Subject:   Re: hylafax
    It compiles ok, but there are permission problems,
    I had assumed I couldnt commit as the freeze was on, norw I realise
    that's src only as always, so I'll try to do it RSN.
    Julian S

See also the Wayback machine of http://www.archive.org
  https://web.archive.org/web/*/ftp://ftp.hylafax.org	->
But that's web pages not an ftp archive.

My remnant public directories re hylafax here (FWIW):
The 2nd URL most probably has nothing of interest to defeating a patent claim,
just listed for completeness from a FreeBSD perspective.

I may have notes re. hylafax off line, I haven't looked.

I can use CVS to explore the MD5 state more.
It may help if you jcedmondson at edmolaw.com focus me more on a particular date.

I hope this will help you defend against a software patent claim, please
let me know if so, it would make my day, I really dislike software patents.

Some results not yet in. Feel free to contact by list, email or phone.
Time zone is Europe, Do not call in European morning, see live world map:

Julian Stacey, BSD Unix Linux C Sys Eng Consultant, Munich http://berklix.com
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