Flexfax / Hylafax 1993-1994 - authored by Sam Leffler, etc

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Mon Feb 3 23:09:40 UTC 2014

On 03/02/2014 22:06, jcedmondson at edmolaw.com wrote:
> I am working on a patent litigation case where it appears the flexfax/hylafax
> source from the 93-95 time frame may serve a prior art.   Would you
> happen to have a copy of that source available and/or know someone who does?
> I represent a small defendant based out of the Denver area and any assistance
> you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Sam Leffler is certainly a name well known to members of this project.

I don't think hylafax was ever part of the base system -- FreeBSD itself
-- instead it would have been in the FreeBSD ports collection.

A quick check into the history here:


shows we've had Hylafax in the ports collection since 1995, and the
comments there indicate we used to have Flexfax in the collection
previously to that.

The ports collection does not contain source code to Hylafax itself;
rather it is a set of instructions for downloading and compiling that
source code on a FreeBSD system.  Unfortunately it is rather unlikely
that any hylafax sourcecode would still be floating around since that
date -- unless someone just happened to keep some old tarballs for
20-odd years?

You might try asking on the freebsd-hackers at freebsd.org mailing list:
you're more likely to find some of the people who were around in 1995 or
earlier through that list than anywhere else I can think of.



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