FreeBSD with Win7 and UEFI

Christian Baer christian.baer at
Tue Dec 30 15:03:45 UTC 2014

Am 28.12.2014 um 20:40 schrieb Warren Block:

> UEFI is a whole new game, utterly different from what came before.  And
> FreeBSD's UEFI support is new.  As far as I know, it has no provision
> for multibooting in UEFI.  Code to do that would be welcome, it's been
> difficult just to get the current UEFI support.

Yes, I've read about that and the fact that it has been quite hard. This 
actually did surprise me a bit, considering that UEFI has been around 
for a while now.

> Your boot menu suggests that Windows 7 is installed for standard BIOS
> booting.

This sentence actually rather suggests that you have not read my post 
(properly) before answering.

Please don't get me wrong! I appreciate any help anyone offers me and I 
will not complain if noone can help me or if the ideas someone had don't 
lead to the desired result.

In this case, I really went out of my way to make it overly clear, that 
I was booting me computer in EFI mode and that the boot menu is from the 
mainboard's firmware and offered before a single access to the SDD has 
been made. I would get this boot loader (or boot menu) if I removed all 
drives from my system and pressed F12 while starting the system.

Why would you therefore assume I have installed an EFI FreeBSD on an 
BIOS system? I have never tried that, so I don't know if that would even 

 > The easiest way to deal with this is to reinstall FreeBSD for
> standard BIOS booting also, with an MBR format. Then you can install
> the boot0 multiboot program, but it really doesn't offer anything that
> the BIOS boot menu does not already have.

To do that, I'd also have to reinstall Windows because currently 
everything is in EFI mode.

And it does offer a little something that I currently do not have: More 
time. If I miss the right moment, I can't choose the OS, the computer 
just boots up Windows as this is the default and I cannot set the 
default to FreeBSD.

> Please also consider running FreeBSD as a VM with one of the many
> virtualization options.  That has many advantages over multiboot setups.

I have actually considered this and decided not to do it.

Best regards,

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