Do I want to switch to the new pkg(8) format?

Matt Smith fbsd at
Sat Dec 27 13:36:08 UTC 2014

On Dec 26 19:10, Andrew Berg wrote:
>On 2014.12.26 18:48, Warren Block wrote:
>> Actually, pkg_cutleaves is a port and should be okay to use.  The name
>> is due to it trying to look like the old pkg_* system programs.
>> Probably we should say "do not use /usr/sbin/pkg_*".
>Unless it has been updated recently, pkg_cutleaves doesn't support pkgng. It
>does some weird things that make it look like it kind of works, but it doesn't.
>pkg-rmleaf, however, does work with pkgng.

Hmmmm. I've been using pkg_cutleaves with pkgng for what must be coming 
up to a year and haven't ever seen it do anything strange. Seems to work 
fine to me. It definitely picks appropriate ports to delete and actually 
uninstalls them using the proper pkgng tools. Can you elaborate a bit on 
the weird things?

Strangely I've just looked at the commit logs for the port to see if 
there are any clues as to when it was updated to use pkgng and there are 
none that are obvious.


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