Do I want to switch to the new pkg(8) format?

Warren Block wblock at
Sat Dec 27 01:28:52 UTC 2014

On Sat, 27 Dec 2014, Rolf Nielsen wrote:

> On 2014-12-27 01:57, Warren Block wrote:
>> On Fri, 26 Dec 2014, Dutch Ingraham wrote:
>>> Once you have a current tree, there are generally three ways to
>>> build the port (i.e., make a binary, executable "package" out of
>>> it): make (1), the portmaster (8) tool, or the portupgrade tool.
>>> They are not mutually exclusive, i.e., you can install a port
>>> with <cd /usr/ports/category/port && make install clean> then
>>> later upgrade it with <portmaster category/port>.
>> Right.  Really, all that portmaster or portupgrade do is automate
>> some of the steps.
>> Both of these tools grew out of the problem of upgrading.  When
>> there are several things to upgrade, packages which are required by
>> the others must be upgraded first.  portmaster/portupgrade sort out
>> the dependencies and build the requirements in the right order.
>> They do that by using the standard port make targets.  In fact, it
>> is possible to get them to show a list of what they would do, and
>> then do it by hand yourself.  What I'm trying to say is that they
>> automate the process, but it is still the ports system that is
>> doing the building.
> Whatever happened to portmanager?

Updates to it stopped and eventually it was cycled out of ports.

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