Using Nokia Cell Phone or GSM Modem to send sms's

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I use an sierra wireless Xtend modem on freebsd, this works well, I have
my own building automation stuff that I also use for customers (which
checks for power fails with modbus/smartlink systems and/or the local ups).
We also use it when there is a temperature problem (IT room too hot,
freezing temp. in rooms with water pipes) or when equipment goes offline
(with ping or tcp connect)
Cell phones like a nokia work well on linux, on freebsd you may want to
test these, every phone is different, I have a rugged phone which has a
prolific usb<->rs232 adapter built in (this would work on bsd I think).

the xtend modem is rs232, I use it with libftdi as this gives the best

You can just send AT commands to send an sms, plenty of examples and
documentation online.


op 24-12-14 17:56, Valeri Galtsev schreef:
> On Wed, December 24, 2014 1:35 am, Shane Ambler wrote:
>> On 22/12/2014 18:25, Godfrey Hamshire wrote:
>>> Using Nokia Cell Phone or GSM Modem to send sms's
>>> Dear Memeber
>>> I was wondering if anyone has had experience with connecting a 3g/gsm of
>>> the type you can find in Cell Phone Shops to freebsd or a old nokia
>>> symbian cell phone via its usb cable to freebsd.
>>> What I would like to to do is send sms's from the server using a 3g/gsm
>>> dongle or using an old nokia symbian cell ie warning the power is out
>>> etc etc I am doing this already via email and a clickatel api account
>>> already but sometimes these email do not get through or what ever. I am
>>> looking for alternative ways of notifying myself of power problems or
>>> what ever is going on when I am not around.
>> Not really what your asking for but another option could be to send
>> notifications from offsite - you can run a t2.micro ec2 instance at
>> amazon for between $4.20 and $9.50 a month - it receives no pings in x
>> minutes then have it send a message. AWS has SNS which can send mobile
>> notifications, sms or email - you can send 100 sms's per month for free.
> Another option would be to run, say, nagios instance watching your servers
> situated at different location, thus independent on the power and/or
> network uplink in your server room. That's what I do.
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