FreeBSD with Win7 and UEFI

James Griffin griffin8j at
Fri Dec 26 07:29:55 UTC 2014

 Christian Baer wrote on Thu 25.Dec'14 at 17:54:10 +0100 

> Hi everyone!
> For the first time, I am trying to get FreeBSD to run on a machine with 
> UEFI. Thought I might go modern. :-)
> This time I installed Windows 7 first. However, I did not find any step 
> during installation where I could install a boot manager to choose if I 
> wanted to run Windows or FreeBSD. Currently, the only way I can choose 
> the OS now is to use the Mobos EFI boot manager, which of course is not 
> the way I want to go.
> It seems that I am walking on pretty much untouched soil here. There is 
> no mention of a boot manager in the Handbook and even a searchengine 
> doesn't find anything useful if UEFI is part of the search criteria.
> Is what I am trying to do really that exotic? What do I have to look out 
> for?
> Best regards,
> Chris

As long as you have a part of the disk for FreeBSD, when you install FreeBSD it will provide its own bootmanager. 

This is what works best. I wouldn't bother trying to get Windows to do this. 

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