Two local X-servers

Adam Martin adamartin at
Tue Dec 9 17:57:46 UTC 2014

On Dec 9, 2014 10:11 AM, "Warren Block" <wblock at> wrote:
> On Tue, 9 Dec 2014, Victor Sudakov wrote:
>> Adam Martin wrote:
>>> I have had success running multiple X11 sessions, but I do not use login
>>> managers like xdm.
>> I would like to keep xdm. According to xdm(1), it should be possible
>> for xdm to manage several local X-displays.
>>> I run startx directly from my TCSH prompt.  To run a second session
from my
>>> prompt I run with another number, i.e.:
>>> startx -- :1
>> From your experience we can at least conclude that two X-servers can
>> share one videocard. I was not even sure about that.
>>> Note that you need Ctrl-Alt-F1 or similar to change ttyv devices from
>> On my box, after an X-server is started, there is no return to the
>> text console. This is because of the Intel video card or Intel video
>> driver. Once I start an X-server, there is no text prompt for me.
> It is there, just not visible.  On 10.1 and probably 9-STABLE, use vt(4)
by adding
>   kern.vty=vt
> to /boot/loader.conf.

Indeed.  I was experimenting with the lack of visual in ttyv from leaving
X11, on my laptop, and I discovered that you can get visual back by using
vidcontrol to change modes and bounce back and forth from X11 after doing
so.  The issue there is that X11 won't show again.  Sorry to go a bit OT,
but maybe someone reading this can figure out what vidcard registers VESA
changes tickle so we can keep character terminals in Intel cards.  I really
don't like frame buffer terminals.

Anyhow, check your xorg configurations for "no-switch" I think it's
called.  It and "dontzap" affect ctrl-alt-F# and ctrl-alt-backspace.


ADAM David Alan Martin

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