Two local X-servers

Victor Sudakov vas at
Tue Dec 9 14:23:40 UTC 2014

Adam Martin wrote:
> I have had success running multiple X11 sessions, but I do not use login
> managers like xdm.

I would like to keep xdm. According to xdm(1), it should be possible
for xdm to manage several local X-displays.

> I run startx directly from my TCSH prompt.  To run a second session from my
> prompt I run with another number, i.e.:
> startx -- :1

 From your experience we can at least conclude that two X-servers can
share one videocard. I was not even sure about that.

> Note that you need Ctrl-Alt-F1 or similar to change ttyv devices from X11.

On my box, after an X-server is started, there is no return to the
text console. This is because of the Intel video card or Intel video
driver. Once I start an X-server, there is no text prompt for me.

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