Pkg upgrade 'SAT solver' problem

pete wright nomadlogic at
Mon Dec 8 21:28:49 UTC 2014

On Mon, Dec 8, 2014 at 12:18 PM, Peter Harrison
<four.harrisons at> wrote:
> Can someone help with a pkg upgrade problem please?
> I've been relying solely on binary pkg for a while now without problem.
> However, on doing the latest upgrade I get:
> root at thinkpad:/home/peter # pkg upgrade
> Updating FreeBSD repository catalogue...
> FreeBSD repository is up-to-date.
> All repositories are up-to-date.
> Checking for upgrades (377 candidates): 100%
> Checking integrity... done (1 conflicting)
> pkg: Cannot solve problem using SAT solver:
> cannot install package libxfce4util~x11/libxfce4util, remove it from
> request? [Y/n]: n
> pkg: cannot solve job using SAT solver
> If I answer 'y' I get a much longer sequence of similar errors and the
> upgrade still bombs.

is this related to the upgrade of gettext?  As per /usr/ports/UPDATING:

  AFFECTS: users of devel/gettext (close to everyone)
  AUTHOR: tijl at

  The devel/gettext port has been split up in devel/gettext-runtime, a
  lightweight package containing runtime libraries, and devel/gettext-tools,
  a package containing developer tools.  The devel/gettext port still exists
  as a metaport.

  You must first delete the existing installation of gettext and then
  reinstall it.  This will break sudo, so you *must* do this in a root
  shell (sudo -i) if you use sudo.

I did an upgrade last week and this package pretty much broke
everything (including most of xfce4) causing me to do a pretty big
uninstall/reinstall dance.  Of course if I read /usr/ports/UPDATING
first I would have saved myself some drama :)


pete wright

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