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Mon Dec 8 04:51:07 UTC 2014

On 12/07/14 18:09, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sun, 07 Dec 2014 17:28:46 -0600, William A. Mahaffey III wrote:
>> Rats !!!! I have been trying to avoid mixing ports & pkg's AMAP, as per
>> many on-list recommendations, so I guess I'll just wait until some of
>> this stuff gets cleared up :-/ ....
> But you aren't mixing anything. Heavily simplified, this
> is what happens, when you
> (a) install with pkg:
> 	1. download binary archive
> 	2. extract binary archive
> 	3. copy files to correct locations
> 	4. register installed files in system's database
> (b) install via ports ("make install", portmaster etc.):
> 	1. download source archive
> 	2. extract source archive
> 	3. apply patches, if any
> 	4. compile
> 	5. copy files to correct locations
> 	6. register installed files in system's database
> As you can see, the last two steps are identical, and the
> files in question are also the same (because the packages
> you can install with pkg are generated from the ports with
> the default options). To the system, it's basically the
> same - and it can't even tell in _which_ way you initially
> have installed something. This is because "make install"
> will simply create a binary package and install it, just
> what pkg would do.
> Nowadays, mixing ports and pkg isn't very problematic. There
> are very few "edge cases", but pkg also has methods to deal
> with those. So your rule could be: Install via pkg; if it
> does not work, install from ports. As I said, it doesn't
> really make a difference. :-)

Hmmmmm .... OK, I'll reconsider, but I'm fairly sure I got that advice 
(not to mix the 2) on this list, & I have only been here a few months 
.... The biggest problem I have with mixing the 2 is remembering which 
package gets updated w/ pkg & which w/ ports .... If I just stick w/ 
pkg, that's 1 less thing to screw up :-/ ....


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