FreeBSD working from RAM (MFSROOT) as a Workstation.

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> > Is anyone use a FreeBSD as a Desktop working from RAM, using MFSROOT?
> That only speeds up the *first* load of each memory page mirroring a
> disk sector. After the system has been up a while, it's actually slower
> than running with a disk, because everything you actually use will have
> two copies in RAM: one on the disk image, and the one that's actually
> occupying normal resident pages.
> Furthermore, you have to load your whole root filesystem from disk
> before you start, even the parts you haven't used yet. I would expect
> that to give you a *slower* startup time. RAM is faster than SSD access,
> but the SSD is non-volatile, whereas the RAM needs to be repopulated
> from non-volatile storage every time you boot. And every page that is
> used has to get loaded into the RAM disk and *then* loaded into virtual
> memory.
> TL;DR: To run from RAM, you first have to load the RAM. The chances that
> an MFSROOT does this more efficiently (than starting directly from the
> nonvolatile disk) seem remote.

well a good starting point to work from is mfsbsd

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