TL-WN722N support on FreeBSD.

sergio de Almeida Lenzi lenzi.sergio at
Thu Aug 28 14:48:05 UTC 2014

Em Qua, 2014-08-27 às 11:39 +0300, atar escreveu:
> So you give me additional reason to stay with Linux and not to migrate
> to FreeBSD since even a basic wireless adapter which came with your
> Sony isn't supported by FreeBSD. To be honest, I don't know if your
> Sony wireless adapter is supported by Linux, but in general, I think
> linux is more flexible and supports more devices than FreeBSD (and
> more than all the rest of *BSD variations).

The problem with Linux is basic it does not execute the software that I
that is gnome 2.32... for a lot of reasons the users more than 100 does
adapt well to the new gnome.
All the users want is:
1) social media
2) office
3) Virtual machines running windows XP

Linux in a sony desktop with 6GB of memory and intel I3 using the kernel
3.12.x have memory leak, that is
after 3 days using the desktop, the system becomes slow, only a  POWER
restores the original performance...  I do not know how, do not have
time to dig into the linux kernel.

I had to use Linux for almost a year, because of the KMS, now they all
have FreeBSD,  the cheapper
notebooks (lenovo 475, lenovo, 485...) and those with a 2 core AMD cpu
at 1.0 ghz 2Gb of memory (sold here in Brazil for U$300) was really slow
with the linux kernels,  with windows it took almost 6 minutes to boot,
and you had only the home edition of windows that is
really painfull, besides, the notebookd only lasts 3 months, than the
processor oveheats, and your notebook is done (I am talking about
those cheap ones). I am not interested in people that have U$2000 to pay
for a notebook. 

Linux have more drivers, but only 2 months ago there was a driver for
that realtek wireless + bluetooth chip.
that have a problem that you cannot use the bluetooth AND the wireless
at the same time... 

Seems that there is a conspiracy from the industry to NEVER EVER use a
chipset for more than 3 months.. 
so I install the FreeBSD on those cheap notebooks with a TPlink WN725N
working like a charm, by the time 
that realtek driver adapter becomes ready, all you have to do is to
download the new freeBSD kernel and 
hit only a command...  this will bring FreBSD from my OWN repository,
that have about 1200 packages
for AMD64. than the system will reboot with the wireless inside the
notebook working again. thanks to 
FreeBSD wlan0 scheme of wireless interface.  kind of a windows update
and reboot. 

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