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On Sun, 24 Aug 2014, Fbsd8 wrote:

> doug at safeport.com wrote:
>> As anyone who had tried this know the -u and -U options on update do not 
>> work. There is a post on the ejail mailing list that gives a roadmap. I am 
>> testing this and will post results if there is any interest.
>> I trying to figure out this process I came across section 15.6 in the 
>> handbook. My question is about establishing a loopback interface to keep 
>> the jail activity off of the host. What is the impact of NOT doing this? 
>> There is no mention of this in the jail man page. Is this an oversite?
> You can disregard most of that new handbook jail ezjail section.
> First of all the current version of ezjail uses the /etc/rc.d/jail script 
> method. This method is depreciated in FreeBSD version 10.0 and scheduled to 
> be removed in FreeBSD version 10.1 or 11.0. The section should have contained 
> a red warning box informing the reader that this documentation only applies 
> to Freebsd 10 and older releases.
> On the subject of a jails loopback interface. Jails don't have loopback 
> interfaces or use them. Sure you can assign one but it's really a definition 
> error which the jail(8) program does not issue a error message for. All 
> reference to the loopback interface should be removed from this section as 
> its very mis-leading to the reader and unnecessary.
> I installed bind99 in a jail(8) jail with out any lo1 or ip address 
> and it worked just fine.
> Adding a password to jails "root" user is a waste of time and effort. ezjail 
> already requires the user to have "root" access on the host before the 
> "ezjail-admin install" command will function.
> Editing the jail's /etc/hosts file and changing the ip address to the jails 
> ip address and adding the jailname to the localhost entries is totally 
> unnecessary. Jails work fine using the default hosts file.
> How can the handbook recommend using a utility tool that has a incomplete 
> manual which is missing details about the utilities sub-commands.
> In my opinion this new section should have never been added to the handbook 
> until after ezjail gets updated to use jail(8) and it's manual is updated to 
> contain details about all it's sub-commands.

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