solid state drives?

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On Aug 22, 2014, at 12:41, Daniel Feenberg <feenberg at> wrote:

> I sort of understand that - but does the SSD have the ability to move unchanged data around to even out the wear? That is, if I fill the drive with 100GB of never changing files, and then write lots of frequently changing files to the last 20GB, does this put all the wear on a small portion of the drive, while most of the drive suffers no wear at all? Maybe I should do a full backup and restore once a year?

Keep in mind that location is not a physical parameter in an SSD. Better (all today ?) SSD’s do wear leveling where writes are committed to the cells that have the lowest write counts. Remember, writes count towards wear out while I do not think reads do. So an SSD that has write once data (and archive), should never wear out.

So it does not matter where within the block range you write, the SSD puts it where it wants :-)

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