Disable multiqueue

Radek Krejča radek.krejca at starnet.cz
Fri Aug 22 17:51:57 UTC 2014

> > Hardware is the same, but there is new NIC on board which supports
> multiqueue so I think that this must be the problem.
> If you suspect that as the case, try
> hw.igb.enable_msix=0
> in /boot/loader.conf

[Radek Krejca]

thank you. I dont know, what else could be. Config files are the same, is it diskless box and I have one image for a lot of routers. There is no problem, when one NIC supports multiqueue and second not but this is first machine, where supports both.

Or is there any idea, where could be a problem? I only change one server for other, because first is broken. Is there any option which sould be in pf when is multiqueue supported?

There is small chance that this hardware can be broken to with very strange way. But I dont believe it.

Thank you

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