Mounting One of the memstick Image Files

Martin G. McCormick martin at
Fri Aug 22 01:48:54 UTC 2014

Elliot Robinson writes:
> I know your pain. On Linux, `mount -t ufs -o ufstype=44bsd` is what you're
> looking for.  This requires that your system knows how to write UFS, which
> might be a problem.
> A possibly easier way to do this would be to boot off the memstick, 
> remount
> root as rw, and make the change from the live memstick. I've seen some
> problems reading any new/modified files created by doing this from
> Linux (complains about bad inodes), but it seems to work from the BSD
> perspective...

	Thank you to both posters on this topic. If I could
mount the image file on the FreeBSD system, I would do all the
editing there and then copy the modified image back to the
Debian system to dd in to the thumb drive. I actually got the
image that way to start with.
	When one uses the Linux fdisk program on the drive
afterward, it reports that there is both a BSD and DOS magic
number and advises the caller to run fdisk with the -b bsd flag.
I suspect there is a boot manager of some type that will catch
Windows systems in case somebody wants to boot off the memstick
on a Windows system.
	In this case, all I want to do is mount the image in a
native FreeBSD environment to actually do the work on adding the
comconsole line. All Linux has to do in this exercise is to feed
the new modified image back in to the memstick with dd.

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