Proof Obama Plans To Ignite Race Wars In America

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Mon Aug 18 09:16:12 UTC 2014

   The open border agenda is not what it seems to be. Obama and his
   handlers are importing violent Mexicans and their drug wars into
   America to destabilize the nation prior to declaring a state of Martial
   law. The following prophetic warning was posted online back in August
   of 2011. What you are about to read is quite sobering. These
   revelations should leave no doubt in anyones mind, as to what he is
   really up to.....

   Here is an excerpt from the 2011 warning.....

   "But, through My servant, Linda Newkirk, I have often told you the
   plans of the enemy; and I tell you again, that you might prepare. The
   streets of the cities will run with blood because of race wars. The
   countryside will run with blood because of race wars; and you are only
   seeing the beginning of all that is at hand. For, their plan is also to
   import many violent Mexicans and to bring the Mexican drug wars over
   the border, to ignite race wars of one kind, or another, all over this

   "Hear Me, oh you people of America. Hear Me; for a fire has been
   kindled. This fire is the destruction of the U.S.A.; and this fire will
   not be stopped until you are brought down, oh you harlot nation of

   But, still I plead with you, oh My people. Repent, or perish!

   I am your Father Yahweh, yea Jehovah, Most High God.

   As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 6th day of August, 2011,

   Linda Newkirk

                                Aug 7th, 2014

   Listen to Me My Blessed One; for I am the Holy One of Israel, the God
   who sits above you all, Jesus, Saviour and Redeemer!

   Hearken My Little One; for the cries of the innocent scream out to Me
   and the pollutions of the masses have risen up, even to a crescendo in
   America and an avalanche of evil has erupted all across the land!

   Darkness, yes the darkness of the darkness has overtaken this nation
   and the tears and the cries of the innocent pour out all across this
   land! For, you oh America, that one nation whom I have blessed above
   all nations, you have become the bottom feeders of the world:
   murderers, rapists, sodomites, whores and whoremongers, who see nothing
   wrong with your perversions, the very perversions which separate you
   from Me, the very perversions which make your house empty and devoid of
   My Spirit, the very perversions which lead your souls into darkness and
   thereby into destruction.

   Yet, you see nothing wrong with doing these things which separate you
   from Me, the Only One who can save you, the Only One who can save your
   souls! And, because you have chosen the pride of the flesh and have
   cast yourselves into the abominations of self-destruction and through
   your very own selfish choices to please the flesh and to avoid all that
   is spiritual and of the light, you have become spiritual cesspits, dark
   houses, which are full of every kind of foul, destructive and deceiving

   When a nation becomes an "anything goes" nation, that nation goes into
   ruin and destruction. I am not an "anything goes" God! I have told you
   to obey My commandments, to live honestly, to be chaste in your
   dealings, one with another, to correct yourselves and to do right and
   to obey My commands, to obey Me and to love one another. But, you do
   not choose it! Instead, you have become a nation of harlots, hot to
   pursue your own pleasures of the flesh, no matter how decadent you are
   in your pursuits!

   Therefore, I have given to you according to your own choices, a
   president who loves the works of the flesh, the works of self, a
   president who loves every carnal thing, a leader who hates you and
   despises you, oh decadent house! And, without your consent, he is
   steadily raping you, oh America in one way, or another. Yet, you
   marvel, "How could this be?" Did you not elect the one that I sent?
   And, now you wish to extricate yourselves from the one that you both
   elected, and the one that I sent.

   Do you not know that a nation is deserving of its leaders? The lawless
   nation will sport the lawless leaders and when lawlessness resides in a
   nation, a lawless leader abides and presides? Who do you blame, you
   lawless nation? For, have you not chosen to cast Me out and to deny Me
   and My righteous teachings? Have you not also decided in and of
   yourselves, oh harlot nation, to spread your legs and open up to every
   whore in the world?

   I have warned you to repent and you will not listen, oh harlot nation
   of America! And, now, you will perish, here a little and there a
   little, in increasing measures until you humble yourselves and cry out
   to Me in repentance for your own sins and for the sins of this nation!

   I am the same today, yesterday and tomorrow and though you think to
   make something new through all of your perversions, you have made
   nothing new, but have loved lawlessness! Therefore, lawlessness is the
   order of the day for you!

   Repent, or perish, oh My people! Repent, or perish! The avalanche is
   upon you! The dark tide is rolling in! You are on a crash course for it
   and a head-on collision! The raven is circling! The brown skinny dog is
   howling! The eagle is sick and dying. Its wings are crippled! The
   bushes are afire and burning! The air is full of toxins and poisons!
   The ground is parched and full of lifelessness! The whores are
   languishing and the tables are coming up empty! The black birds are
   circling and the babies are crying!

   Oh rot from within and rot from without! America, you are falling! You
   are falling! And, none to help you! For, you have lived lavishly! You
   have ripped and you have torn with your talons when there was no need
   for it! You have destructed without cause and you shall be destructed!
   Decadence! Women and wine! Spiritual decay! Insolence! A badge of
   courage, but not real courage, yes you have given it to yourselves, but
   not courage, a "bully" badge, an egoistic plunder of nations!

   Now, you shall be plundered, oh America! You are hereby warned! Repent,
   or perish!

   As witnessed, dictated and recorded this 7th day of August, 2014,

   Linda Newkirk

   There are many more sobering revelations about Obama at the website,

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