apache24 and accf_http Accept Filter

Dale Scott dalescott at shaw.ca
Sun Aug 17 20:58:40 UTC 2014

> On Aug 17, 2014, at 11:46 AM, "Michael Ross" <gmx at ross.cx> wrote:
>> On Sun, 17 Aug 2014 18:44:33 +0200, Jim Pazarena <fquest at paz.bz> wrote:
>> My upgrade to apache24 from 22 met an error about the Accept Filter.
>> I never had to deal with this before.
>> So research shows that I should run "kldload accf_http".
>> Which works, and apache24 now executes.
>> My question is, where is the correct location to place the
>> "kldload accf_http" directive?  I'm guessing "loader.conf", but that doesn't look right.
>> Thanks for advice.
> You should put
>    apache24_http_accept_enable="YES"
> into /etc/rc.conf
> The apache rc script takes care of the module loading.

Why is apache24_http_accept_enable required? Instructions generally indicate to set both, but I only have apache24_enable in rc.conf and all seems to work ok (apache24 is used to serve phpldapadmin only). Can anyone explain why?


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