Flash plugin ?

Jeremy Boy mail at jboy.eu
Sun Aug 17 12:06:23 UTC 2014

Yes, you must have flash installed for this web site.
Please see http://www.freebsd.org/doc/handbook/desktop-browsers.html#moz-flash-plugin for instructions regarding installing Adobe Flash for Firefox.


You've installed shells/flash, which is not what you were looking for:
> % cat /usr/ports/shells/flash/pkg-descr 
> Flash is an attempt to create a secure menu-driver shell for UNIX-derived OSes,
> while providing user-friendliness and easy configurability. An ideal situation
> requiring the use of flash would be a student-run telnet server which needs to:
> a) shelter the users from some of the nastinesses of UNIX
> b) shelter the system from nasty users
> c) provide an easy way to launch applications
> d) support multitasking/job control as elegantly as possible
> e) support easy-to-get-right configuration by administrators

Am 17.08.2014 um 13:56 schrieb William A. Mahaffey III <wam at hiwaay.net>:

> one of my most haunted webpages is http://radar.weather.gov/radar.php?rid=htx&product=N0R&overlay=11111111&loop=yes to view local weather in motion .... when I just visited under FreeBSD 9.3, FF31, both 64-bit, it says it needs a plugin to proceed, but doesn't tell me what plugin. I guessed Adobe flash & 'pkg install flash-0.9.5', but still nogo (it was a WAG ....) .... any help w/ what plugin or package I need to view this webpage ? TIA ....
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