FreeBSD 10 w/ fresh root-on-ZFS fails to boot

Elliot Robinson elliot.robinson at
Sat Aug 16 16:53:06 UTC 2014

Passes short, testing long.

I doubt it's the disk, as the Guided install (UFS) consistently works with
a partition table on the same sectors. I reinstalled it after the ZFS
trials and before writing the email, just to be sure). I booted into
whatever was on there before (9.1 maybe?) prior to putting 10 from the
guided install on, so that also worked.

Elliot Robinson

On Sat, Aug 16, 2014 at 5:06 AM, Warren Block <wblock at> wrote:

> On Fri, 15 Aug 2014, Elliot Robinson wrote:
>  Good evening all,
>> I'm attempting to install FreeBSD 10 from the memstick image. Installing
>> with guided partitioning works and boots with no modifications, but I'd
>> prefer to run ZFS. I've spent the last 6 hours pursuing that goal to no
>> avail. Any assistance the group could offer would be greatly appreciated.
>> So far I have attempted to install with root-on-ZFS with GPT and MBR, swap
>> on and off, and 4k alignment on and off. I've also done some half-hearted
>> playing with the loader.conf & etc after the install, but, since all the
>> references I can find are focused on FreeBSD 9, I've come to the
>> conclusion
>> that the root-on-ZFS utility knows better than I what needs to be done.
>> The only variable change which seems to have an effect is the GPT/MBR
>> change. GPT gives:
>> gptzfsboot: error 1 lba 1
>> gptzfsboot: error 1 lba 49
>> gptzfsboot: No ZFS pools located, can't boot
>> after POST. MBR POSTs, then freezes with no output. As best I can tell
>> with
>> gpart, the partition table is effectively equivalent between guided and
>> root-on-ZFS w/ GPT installs (with the obvious exception of the filesystem
>> on ada0p2).
>> Hardware platform is a 2009-era Dell Studio XPS with a Core2 Duo and 8GB
>> RAM. Installation media is a 40GB OCZ Vertex II SSD.
> The error suggests a hardware failure, bad blocks on the SSD.  If the SSD
> supports SMART, can it pass a short or extended test?  Otherwise, there
> might be vendor testing software.

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