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Am 14.08.2014 um 12:24 schrieb Julien Cigar:
> I have a Soekris box for which I would like to upgrade through the
> "classical" way (buildworld, kernel, etc). As the box is pretty slow and
> requires a custom kernel, I would like to buildworld/buildkernel on
> another (fast) machine. How can I do that? Is scp -r or NFS mount
> /usr/obj enough ..?

You need "/usr/src", "/usr/doc" and "/usr/obj" on the target machine.

Then you can do a normal installkernel/installworld/mergemaster usw...


The Buildmachine must be the same ARCH as the targetmachine.
amd&4->i386 Solution: on an am64 do buildkernel/buildworld in am i386 jail.

Both machine clocks must be in sync.

Works fine here for years.


P.S. Complete Build on net4801 takes only 36hours. ;)

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