operation not permitted on entropy file

David Benfell benfell at parts-unknown.org
Tue Aug 12 23:34:34 UTC 2014

On Tue, Aug 12, 2014 at 07:28:32AM +0200, Polytropon wrote:
> The text is kept in the console buffer until reboot. Of
> course saving something to /tmp when you have enabled
> a cleanup for /tmp isn't optimum. In this case, choices
> like /root/fsck.txt or even /fsck.txt (for temporary
> storage) would have been okay.
I'm learning more about this. Most of my experience is with Linux so
this is where my assumptions come from. First, I didn't know that
scroll lock was the secret to being able to scroll back in these text
mode terminals; second, I didn't know that the arrow keys were then
the appropriate means for doing so; and third, I assumed you had to
reboot after playing in single-user mode.

> For the next time: You can use mdconfig to temporarily
> allocate a RAM disk, then use script to record the whole
> console session (including fsck output), afterwards run
> "mount -a" and copy the log fron the RAM disk to a more
> permanent place. Just in case.

This may well be coming. I had roughly 48 good hours. Now, it's
crashing again. I suppose I can't be surprised if the remaining memory
card has now gone bad (the vendor is sending me replacements for both,
despite my saying only one had gone bad).

I realized I had a 32GB partition available for use as a swap
partition. I had deviated from the default installation by allocating
an EFI partition. It's manifestly clear that this is not needed. And
it's more than large enough (actually about twice the needed size) for
a complete memory dump (I'm presently running on 8GB, but the
specification is for 16GB). I've gone in with gdisk and changed that
partition's type, so hopefully the next time, I'll actually get a

Not that I've figured out what to do with one once I have it.

Having changed that file sytem type, it wanted me to reboot. So I did,
and while doing so, went into single user mode to do fsck -fy. The
first pass was not clean; but all the messages were about stuff at the
end. I don't remember it all, but there are something like four things
here, including some sort of bit map. It seems to be about at least
part of how the file system keeps track of allocated and unallocated

I've already turned off background_fsck, but it seems to do a fast
fsck anyway. Right now, at least, that seems undesirable. Is there a
way to force it to be more thorough?

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