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On 08/12/14 10:58, Paul Kraus wrote:
> On Aug 12, 2014, at 11:56, William A. Mahaffey III <wam at> wrote:
>> .... Well, I am down to the snorting post, the last task I need to complete before putting my new FreeBSD 9.3 box into service, replacing this one (AMD64X2 3800+, FC14 64-bit, terminally patched up several years ago). Unfortunately, it looks like a bit of a doozy. I need to get the Mail directory from the old machine to the new one. To start with, I just copied the whole thing. 35 min. later when it was done, I invoked T-bird on the FreeBSD box & none of the Mail-directory was visible :-/. That method worked AOK the last time I used it, 10+ years ago when I put the old box into service :-). That was also the last time I tried, last time I needed to do that. Is what I am doing supposed to work ? If not, how am I supposed to do this ? Mind you, there are yearly archives going back into the '90's, which I want preserved. The whole Mail directory is ~20 GiB :-/ .... thunderbird.x86_64 17.0.7-1.fc14.remi on the Fedora box, thunderbird 31 on the FreeBSD (box std,) .... TIA for any pointers ….
> How is your client accessing the email? IMAP?
> Did you remember to install and setup your IMAP server? I use dovecot. Remember to use the same format on the new box (either MailDir or Mailbox, whichever you used on the old).
> Or just setup the IMAP server on the new box, configure your email client to see both, and use it to move the email over.
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I am retreiving mail from my ISP using their POP3 server, as per the 
last 20-ish years. T-bird stashes it iv the Mail directory under my user 
.... No IMAP involved that I know off :-/ ????


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