operation not permitted on entropy file

Polytropon freebsd at edvax.de
Sun Aug 10 10:44:38 UTC 2014

Allow me a small additional statement:

On Sun, 10 Aug 2014 12:31:19 +0200, Roland Smith wrote:
> If a filesystem isn't dismounted properly (e.g. because of a crash), you
> should get a warning during the next boot. And the system would run a
> filesystem check in "preen" mode (see fsck(8)). If it finds serious errors
> that cannot be repaired in preen mode, you should get an error message.

The problem is: When you do _not_ have


in /etc/rc.conf, all this happens in background, and soon you're
in XDM and your X session, so you don't get the error message.
Still the system continues booting and working "normally" for
the price of "silent" file system corruption.

In my opinion, this setting should be the default. It's better
to have a delay in the boot process, or a _stop_ of the boot
process in case a severe file system damage has been detected.
I also think it's more important to know about this fact than
it is to quickly be guided into a "comfortable environment"
that makes you believe everything is okay, while in fact it

This kind of operation also makes sure that you can get aware
of the "please re-run fsck" message in case a second pass is
required. In the end, you get "file system marked clean", and
only _now_ you know that things are okay.

> As others have mentioned, run a full fsck of the filesystem that /var is on
> from single user mode.

Performing this check out of SUM or via live system media is
the most convenient strategy.

> Trying to make a backup in this state will probably not work.

Maybe files cannot be read, or are improperly read (and therefore
wrongly represented in the backup). When I do backups, I usually
make sure two things: 1st, the file system is _clean_, 2nd, the
file system is protected against alteration (r/o mount, or not
mounted at all). I know there are "snapshots" (as they exist in
relation with fsck, too), but I don't trust them. Many years ago,
such a snapshot made it _impossible_ for fsck to do its job. Once
it was removed, I got my files back (for the price of a few lost
file names, but still better than nothing).

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