pkg upgrade xorg versions

Jamie Griffin griffin8j at
Sat Aug 9 09:12:09 UTC 2014

On 09/08/2014 10:02, Jamie Griffin wrote:
> Hi,
> I've added the WITH_NEW_XORG repo to pkg(8) config. Just running pkg 
> upgrade now so my kde4 desktop will get upgraded; however, I've just 
> noticed xorg-server is being upgraded from 1.7.7_11 to 1.7.7_13, I'm 
> wondering if it will need to be upgraded to version 1.12.x to support 
> WITH_NEW_XORG and the new KDE4 environment.
> Is this correct, or do I need to intervene at some stage to change it?
> Jamie

Just wanted to add: some KDE packages are being upgraded from the 
regular FreeBSD repo, others are being upgraded from WITH_NEW_XORG repo; 
for example:

kde-workspace: 4.10.5_1 -> 4.11.9 [FreeBSD_new_xorg]
kdelibs: 4.10.5_2 -> 4.12.5_3 [FreeBSD]

As you can see, there looks like a version mis-match as well.

I feel nervous about this upgrade, do you think there are going to be 

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