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Al Plant's advice works if you are able to boot into single user mode.
 When you boot your Dolch you should be given the option to boot either
single or multi-user.  Booting into single user will give you a shell
prompt at which point you are 'root'.  Mount the file system as Al advises
and you can then reset the root password.

If for some reason you can't boot into single user mode then you try
booting a version of the FreeBSD CD ROM into 'repair mode' and then mount
the Dolch's hard drive to reset the password.  Old versions of FreeBSD are
available at:

You should really question why you need to get into the existing FreeBSD
installation of the Dolch.  It only makes sense if you want to recover


On Fri, Aug 8, 2014 at 1:28 PM, al plant <noc at> wrote:

> Kriszta Riho wrote:
>> Hi There,
>> I inherited a vintage Dolch 386 portable computer 1985´s which has freeBSD
>> i386 on it and I would like to reset the computer for to use it. I do not
>> want recover the information or data which is on it, only reset it, but
>> now
>> it asks me password and login and I do not have this information.
>> Could you please, let me know who could help me or which programme I need
>> to reset the portable computer?
>> Thank you.
>> Waiting for your earliest reply.
>> Regards,
>> Krisztina Riho
>> Spain
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> To change root passwd Type in :
> mount -u      ( /this will mount root)
> mount -a      (this will mount all the files)
> passwd root
> (enter a new root  here)
> exit (to save)
> Then you can remove files or whatever you dont want and add your own.
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