mount a local filesystem after zfs but before network is up

krad kraduk at
Wed Aug 6 19:36:50 UTC 2014

I have a small issue in that I want to mount a tmpfs file system under
/var/$PATH at boot via the fstab

Normally this is no problem, however the system is zfs and tmpfs is classed
as a criticallocal filesystem in rc land and is therefore mounted before
the zfs file systems are mounted, before the real multiuser var is mounted

$ grep -i require: /etc/rc.d/zfs
# REQUIRE: mountcritlocal

Is there anyway around this other than hacking up rc, or putting /var on
the root filesystem?

extra_netfs_types is no use as i need it mounted before the network comes up

I feel a lot of rc trawling maybe required tomorrow 8(

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