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Anders Jensen-Waud anders at
Wed Aug 6 01:06:24 UTC 2014

 Mon, Aug 4, 2014 at 2:09 AM, Goran Tepshic <purpleritza at> wrote:

> I'd like to know what would be the most reasonable setup for VPS hosting 20
> domains.
> Separate jail for each domain with Apache/PHP/MariaDB instance in each of
> them (*sounds somewhat overkill*) or just Apache with virtual hosts or
> maybe a jail with apache and multiple vhosts?

that depends on the configuration and level of flexibility needed for each
web site.

If each web site simply needs the same Apache/PHP/MariaDB version, then I
would recommend starting out with one Jail with 20 vhosts.

Should there be a need to branch out from the standard setup then you can
always clone the jail, make the necessary amendments (e.g. MySQL instead of
MariaDB or an older/newer PHP version) and easily move the vhosts to that

Starting out with a base Jail means that you get the flexibility "baked-in"
for free without additional overhead.

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