NSD & Unbound on same box?

freebsd at fongaboo.com freebsd at fongaboo.com
Tue Aug 5 23:17:41 UTC 2014

Is it not possible to run both a caching lookup server using Unbound (in 
FreeBSD 10) and an authoritative server using NSD (installed from ports) 
on the same box?

BIND used to perform both functions as I remember, provided you configured 
it as such. Does NSD also do caching?

We have a /27 so I could configure one or the other to listen on a 
different IP, but only if I really have to.

I got:

service local_unbound start
Performing initial setup.
Extracting forwarders from /etc/resolv.conf.
/var/unbound/forward.conf created
/var/unbound/unbound.conf created
/etc/resolvconf.conf created
original /etc/resolv.conf saved as /etc/resolv.conf.20140805.185119
Starting local_unbound.
[1407279079] unbound[7957:0] error: bind: address already in use
[1407279079] unbound[7957:0] fatal error: could not open ports
/etc/rc.d/local_unbound: WARNING: failed to start local_unbound

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