Can FreeBSD-amd64 cross compile FreeBSD-i386?

John Howie john at
Mon Aug 4 18:13:47 UTC 2014

Hi Chris,

Are you talking about kernel and world, or ports? If kernel and world,
check out README in /usr/src, and Makefile, too, for details how to use
TARGET= on the command line (you can also set an environment variable),
and MAKEOBJDIRPREFIX environment variable.

There are plenty of blogs and web-sites that cover cross compilation of
FreeBSD kernel and world, that you can refer to for pointers and examples.



On 8/4/14, 9:19 AM, "Christopher Hilton" <chris at> wrote:

>Can I cross compile FreeBSD i386 from source on a FreeBSD amd64 box? I
>use poudriere to manage my package repository and would like to do the
>same with NFS exported /usr/{src,obj} trees.
>-- Chris

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